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How to speed up a WordPress site for laymen and tech-savvy alike

Speed is the key to success What all affects the speed of your website? Website loading speed is very important. It determines the ranking of your website in search engines and also the number of satisfied users who will buy from you, get the information they need or come back to you and recommend you […]

Templates over any entity in AutoCRM

We have created a mechanism that creates templates over any entity in CRM You can have a template e.g. over: documents projects offers over the organisation Just over any entity that you create yourself. So you can make a template and use it to implement more and more projects, or you can pre-fill the menu […]

Original offers in AutoCRM

For our customer we have created original offers Custom design, which you can also have on the offers. You can have more than one such offer in the system. E.g. you can have a different offer graphic for each brand you sell.  

Connecting AutoCRM to Signi electronic signature

We are now working with Signi, which provides an electronic signature on your document in the CRM system. The fact that you can have all your documents automated, plus an electronic signature, saves you a lot of work. How does the electronic signature work in AutoCRM? in AutoCRM you can create a contract e.g. from […]

News from Apertia or how business goes

AutoCRM sales have started in January and I am very happy about that. I am grateful for every new customer who comes to us. And I also like the enthusiasm of those who then use the system.   Some current implementations of AutoCRM: 👉 to a company with news news – Freestyle Media 👉 We […]

Why Open Source Software? And we’ll turn the question around …

We will turn the question around for you as a client. Why closed source licensed software in Czech? Do you want the vendor to have control over your data? Then closed source. Do you want to be unsure of what data your closed software vendor collects about you? Then go to closed source. When migrating […]

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