Strategy - Apertia Tech


Our vision is to be a major player in the market in the implementation of global solutions under Open Source licenses to medium and large companies.


Our visions

Ensure security, scalability, smooth implementation and especially regular system updates and development developed by programmers around the world.

Thousands of programmers work on some Open Source solutions. We select for you those that are proven, stable and the most important in this market.

Our mission

Economical solution

  • By implementing stable and maintained Open Source systems, we reduce costs in companies.
  • We feel that programmers should be used efficiently and not constantly develop new systems from scratch. Open Source is very cost-effective and allows programmers to focus on real issues and development.

Philosophy of modern IT

  • IT is a major theme of this century, but developments are still often lagging behind. We deploy stable and modern solutions, managed (not only) by the community and developed by thousands of programmers around the world.
  • Thanks to the philosophy of free software, the systems we use are constantly updated.
  • The codes of the implemented systems and their modifications belong to our clients. We believe that companies should not sell mere service and hide obsolete codes with many shortcomings.

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