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News from Apertia or how business goes

AutoCRM sales have started in January and I am very happy about that. I am grateful for every new customer who comes to us. And I also like the enthusiasm of those who then use the system.


Some current implementations of AutoCRM:

👉 to a company with news news – Freestyle Media

👉 We created a system for Energo Concept

👉 implemented and created a system for Svatavské strojírny

👉 and we create a system for Dobrodružství na střelnici, which thanks to automation will save the company a lot of money

👉 and we also create for Váš finanční dům a system for managing 9 companies with access for min. 300 people.

👉 we create a CRM for the sale and implementation of solar panels – Alphasolar

Thank you all for your cooperation!


We also make websites with us and I’m also happy about that:

👉 We have created 3 websites for Pragoprojekt and we would like to thank you for your cooperation.

👉 We created a site for Oddlužte mě and also thank you for your cooperation

👉 and we are still working on a lot of websites and e-shops.


If you are interested, come and talk to me. I will be happy to sit down with each of you and we can discuss how to simplify your business thanks to systems that all communicate with each other or by having everything in one.


Eva Strejcová

Executive Director of Apertia Tech s.r.o.

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