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WordPress is lego, but you can overpay and it will fall. Why?

WordPress is lego, but you can overpay and it will fall. Why?

When I got my first Lega boxes, I built according to the instructions. And as Lega grew, so did creativity. So some of the creations ended up consuming all the components, but their aesthetic appearance and subsequent functionality were close to the floor.

The floor from which I then collected a broken model to individual pieces. And after dozens of attempts, I learned my procedures. How to strengthen the model, not overpay, and still achieve your dream goal.

Yes, it took practice.

And it also took practice when I first got my hands on the Joomla! With its ecosystem of plugins. I was the same seventeen years ago as some of our current clients. I got a virtual Lego. I got a system that could be glued. The dices were free. I didn’t quite understand it, but there is always more, so shit there everything that had in the label that the system will be better. Faster. Nicer. It will sell more to customers. It will be easier to manage. It will be translatable. And he will be on the floor.

Like the cubes of the overpaid model, the overpaid system is falling apart. This applies not only to Joomla, WordPresses and others, but also to SOA architecture models and complex systems in general. If you overpay, you will perish.

It’s always tempting for beginners. I’ll stuff everything I see there. They wrote everywhere that it would improve the system. So together it will be a beautiful cake. Excellent. Like a dog and a cat. That’s exactly how it will turn out.

When I know what a component is doing and when, I can have many components. Because they can be created in such a way that they simply don’t turn on when they don’t. But as a beginner, I don’t know or have any idea. So I’m overpaying.

But without experience, this is difficult to explain. As it was written above, they do not have to pay, keep to an absolutely extreme minimum and think that I will save everything. Sometimes it is useful to divide functions between components. Conversely, one component can be massive and again breaks my whole kit. Because I’ll virtually stick a skyscraper to the foundations for the caddy. And so it falls again.

Therefore, it is important to follow the instructions. Understand the context. Have loaded and studied. And also have experience. People who overpayed or, on the contrary, did not overpay, like to claim that this or that system is completely useless. Or a programming language that they have tried once or twice and does not suit the current mood. So it’s easy to fire. And never again. For example, it’s ugly PHP, which for some mysterious reason is ruled by server deployment. And that’s some 78% to 8% for another ASP.NET. But from the point of view of the omniscient, it’s certainly useless.

Don’t buy Lego Technic and don’t mix it with Lego Duplo. Read the instructions and keep your system balanced. The instructions can be found mainly on the English-language website. In our pond lust carp in this regard, you might say.



David Strejc is corporate IT since 2004. He was the founder of the successful international company Easy Software s.r.o., he also worked as an architect at O2, a solution designer at T-Mobile.

He is now a co-owner of WYR, s.r.o., which has multiple brands and implements Open Source into companies.

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