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The largest web system in the world in the Czech Republic is growing by 2% per year – WordPress

We live here with us four years outside the world. Unfortunately, this has been the case throughout my IT career, and we still can’t compete with by far the biggest IT power – the United States. In the US, MIT has a university, the University of Berkeley and hundreds of other world-renowned IT workplaces. The above-mentioned universities gave rise to Open Source licenses and in the USA they also gave rise to the most used web administration system – WordPress.

This CMS, as standard for content management systems, is 42% in absolute terms worldwide. This is 62% of the use of CMS systems.

Based on the download of 1,100,000 domains that we have in our database, we create statistics that tell us that in the Czech Republic, WordPress is represented on only 15% of the website. This number increases by about 2% every year.

But it is still not enough.

Why in the US do 60% of the TOP 1000 startups use WordPress for their website? Why is this system growing in the world? And why, as always, is the Czech Republic enormously behind?

It is a Czech distrust, ignorance of foreign languages, where many Czechs like to roam in our IT pond and live in their ideas that Nette rules the world – yes, she is from the Czech Republic, so the Czech one for sure.

But the answer to the question why the above is as follows.

Enormous ecosystem. That’s also why Google beat and ultimately trampled IT competition in the mobile phone field. He launched the Google Play store, where he let the developers create very freely. And these people have brought real value to Android. Because what is the system on the phone without applications in 2021? Without those great games that people make their way to work? And others? It is useless.

Therefore, no system other than Apple has much of a chance to catch on. Make it more perfect. It lacks the added value of a quality ecosystem. Instructions for programmers, programming kits, use in television, etc.

The same is true for CMS. Tens of thousands of extensions to the base mean hundreds and thousands of ready-made analyzes of how to do things and not do things. Do you want a multivendor marketplace in many languages? Try to have it priced at great Czech closed source companies. You will have a chin after receiving an offer – and perhaps only an offer to analyze such a system.

But why do it when not only the analysis is done and you can immediately click into the finished system, feel, bend, redo, adjust and possibly know if this is the way or not.

And that’s what it’s about. Build on ready-made solutions – do not solve one and the same problem five times. But to build on a ready-made solution, which may not be perfect for my use at first, but within the agile deployment of systems and applications, I have a very quick opportunity to change, because I click on the already programmed one. And I don’t have to wait months to years for what comes out of my IT vendor.

This is the power of community. This is the strength of the finished ecosystem, which I also acquire with the deployment of the solution. Would you like a phone with five of these apps in the app store? And from the same company? What if you don’t like how a company develops or prices its applications?



David Strejc is corporate IT since 2004. He was the founder of the successful international company Easy Software s.r.o., he also worked as an architect at O2, a solution designer at T-Mobile.

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