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Child pornography, terrorism, your privacy and oil 21. century?

Have you read that under the classic pretext of “fighting child pornography”, Apple wants to view your photos? If his artificial intelligence is set up in the same way as the AI ​​from the NSA, when you just type “gym” and similar trivial keywords and you have already been evaluated as a potential terrorist, you will please the broom. What if you take a picture of your naked branches splashing by the pool? Yes – you are immediately labeled a terrorist, a pornographer and you have a polka dot.

And to make matters worse, everything you said to applications from Instagram, Facebook, Google, TikTok and others already have “the others”. The fact that it is currently “only statistics” is a mistake. Computing performance continues to increase, and ad targeting becomes more precise.

When we get to the point where the ad will really behave perfectly for you. This is the dream of all marketers. Sell. Massively offer absolutely personalized marketing slogans. I want to sell a car and I know that specifically you like red, you have three children, you choose this and that, you sleep three hours longer on Sunday. So AI will come up with the perfect slogan. Buy our red VW and you and your children will be able to sleep at the weekend.

But why am I writing the blabber upstairs? It is not time to limit this crazy power of oil-producing corporations 21. century without that poor oil field – you mean – know about it at all?

Citizens with fingerprints are fun against what corporations know about us. Are we even wondering who we put our lives under control?

Because since the sale of VW is very close to influencing just the “election of the right candidate for parliament” – experienced psychologists who help write algorithms at games to make one more afraid will certainly be happy to help AI programming to make the “right” choice.

We are in 2021 – 21. century and its data oil used to influence influences and decision-making. The golden television era is coming to an end – brainwashing through classic TV production has already rang. Now it needs to be done with new tools in cyberspace.

First line of defense? Very simple. I know about it. I know this is happening, I know I can decide. I know I can have adblocks, my own systems, open applications, company data under company control, my data under my control. I know that this is possible and that if I want to, I will greatly limit the data supply of oil to corporations resulting from my experiences, photos, statuses, etc.

Thanks 21. century.

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