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There is an ego behind everything. My code is better than your code. My gizmo is bigger than yours. I’ll write it a hundred times better than you. I’ll have a billion. And then they lock me up for ten years as Master Janat. Because somehow I forgot in the process that I was stealing.

That’s why I wish such people that. Whoever sucks the wind will reap the hospitality of our prisons. But it goes beyond IT.

With IT, he has this story of the greedy, several of whom have emerged recently – such as Ortinský, Janata and King Mička, who even invested in IT.

Ignorance, impatience and a quick vision of profit. The ego has caught them where they belong.

But what does it still have to do with IT?

The egos of the programmers are enormous. My code is bigger, better, faster. I’ve heard it so many times in my 17 years in business IT. But so many times. This must be rewritten. This is useless. I’ll write it better.

And then, just like the masters at the beginning of the article, these engineers, with whom I had the honor of communicating, whether at work or in the forums, will do the only thing.

They’re going bankrupt. Either financially or mentally, because he finds out what it’s really like to “rewrite something”. How many mistakes they make themselves, how their ego has outgrown their heads. As they are unable to develop almost anything because their big mouths only teased the inner staff of their heads and they tried the impossible. Reprogram with their egos what hundreds and thousands of people around the planet, for example, are doing.

And they burned.

And quite analogous to how the investors in the above-mentioned magicians of the financial world burned down, the companies that purchase software from these tireless programmers in the IT world will mountain.

Because the scenario is always the same. At first the project looks absolutely amazing, then the ego, the fingers programming the code and the head are exhausted and caught in endless spaghetti of their own thoughts and untested procedures and codes.

And in the final, there are annual delays, an out-of-date system that cost hundreds of thousands to millions, the pain of every change request, non-communication, smoothing out mistakes, sweeping emails under the rug.

Mental collapse on all sides.

But as with investing, there is the right Unix path in IT. In both fields, this means constantly learning, bowing the ego and finding out in small steps which world is the right one.

For IT, it is the collaboration of large teams on global platforms. Whether it’s MySQL, PostgreSQL, Linux, Chromium, Ruby, Python, React and thousands and tens of thousands of other software under MIT, BSD or GPL licenses. It’s about bowing the ego and integrating into the development community.

I’ve always had the opposite approach – look, they definitely program it better than I do. And only when I find that this is really not the case with dozens of consecutive consequences such as updatability, backward compatibility, code and documentation accessibility, and more, I look for a competitive open solution, but again, someone is very likely to have programmed better than I would do it.



David Strejc is corporate IT since 2004. He was the founder of the successful international company Easy Software s.r.o., he also worked as an architect at O2, a solution designer at T-Mobile.

He is now a co-owner of WYR, s.r.o., which has multiple brands and implements Open Source into companies.

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